Hecht 5600

The robot lawn mower Hecht 5600 is suitable for an area of approximately 500 m2 according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The area size takes into account the mower’s design parameters. The mowing method and the mowing movement is random. Robot mower returns to the charging station along the guide wire. The cutting width is 18 cm. The range for cutting height adjustment is from 20 mm to 60 mm. The robot mower Hecht 5600 can mow the area of the maximum slope of 20 degrees or 35 percent. The motor of Hecht 5600 is designed with brushes. The battery capacity is 2 Ah, which represents the overall energy of 56 Wh by the system voltage 28 V. The charging time is approximately 80 minutes. The robot mower with the full charged battery can mow for 60 minutes. The mower weight with the battery included is 8.2 kg. For technical information about Hecht 5600 features and other parameters, see Technical specifications or manufacturer’s website.

Technical specifications
Robot Mower