Bosch Rotak 37 LI
Product description

The cordless lawn mower Bosch Rotak 37 LI is suitable for an area of approximately 500 m2 according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The area size is only approximate and takes into account the mower’s design parameters. The actual size of the mowed area depends mainly on the amount of battery power used and the number of battery cycles. The size of the mowed area also depends on the lawn condition (height, density, humidity, etc.) and also on the mowing technique. The motor of Bosch Rotak 37 LI cordless lawn mower is designed with brushes. The cutting width of the mower is 37 cm. The cutting height adjustment range is from 20 mm to 70 mm. The weight of the mower without battery is 13.2 kg. For technical information about the mower features Bosch Rotak 37 LI and other parameters, see Technical specifications or visit manufacturer’s website.
Performance Estimates and Recommendations
Technical specifications
Cordless Lawn Mower & Battery

Product: Bosch Rotak 37 LI

Area Size Up to
(specified by the manufacturer):
500 m2

Cutting Width: 37 cm

Cutting Height Min.: 20 mm

Cutting Height Max.: 70 mm

Cutting Height Range: 20-70 mm

Motor Type: with brushes


System Voltage: 36 V

Number Of Batteries: 1


Grass Catcher Volume: 40



Weight excl. Battery: 13.2 kg

ver. 903